Renee Nicholls, Writing Coach
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Coaching and Development

Have some ideas you'd like to develop into a short story or a full-length manuscript? Think you might like to write a how-to book, but you're not sure where to start? Want to learn more about the publishing process before you dive in? If you're looking for feedback and direction at an early planning stage, I can help.


Need a little help with grammar and spelling? Could your rough draft use a polish? Would you like specific feedback on certain areas? Are you concerned that some sections aren't clear, or that your style and content don't match your intended audience? Want to make sure your manuscript shines before you approach an agent? This would be a terrific time for you to contact me.


Almost ready for the printer? Need a second set of eyes? Fixing mistakes can be expensive once the printing is complete. As my clients' testimonials show, I can find the typos that your spellchecker missed—and you can save the cost of errors down the road!